Our Pasta Shapes

Every Shape Has a Story

Short pasta in skillet next to Ronzoni packaging

When you add Ronzoni pasta to your plate, it’s more than a meal. It’s a memory. A story. Buttered Bow Ties on a rainy day, next-level coziness. Chilled Ditalini salad in the park with pals, laughs between every bite. Your little one naming each shade of Tricolor Penne as the water boils, a major milestone. Whatever life calls for, Ronzoni has a pasta to meet the moment.

Penne Rigate is one of many short pasta shapes in the Ronzoni pasta brand

The Art of the Just Right Bite

Consider these succinct shapes the heroes of versatility. Warm, cheesy mac. Twisty, twirly Rotini. Celebratory Cavatappi. The possibilities are plentiful! So, dish up delicious. Serve up scrumptious. Ronzoni small shapes shine in bakes, tosses, and chilled pasta salads. A polished twist ready for most any pasta dish. Enjoy!

Spaghetti is one of many long pasta shapes in the Ronzoni pasta brand

For Swirlin’ and Twirlin’

Long pasta shapes aren’t defined by their length—they’re defined by the moment. Fettuccine with a friend. Your child’s first Spaghetti twirl. With their gangly grace, each strand ignites a smile. Toss with your favorite sauce or oil.

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Forkfuls of Cozy

The warm hug of cheesy Lasagna. The aromatics of a hearty Baked Ziti. Your grandma’s secret Baked Mostaccioli. When you bake pasta, a whole world of comfort is unlocked. Throw in your favorite Ronzoni pasta, help yourself to seconds (or thirds!), and make those core memories.

Lasagna is one of several baking pasta shapes in the Ronzoni pasta brand

Spoonfuls of Yum

Brighten up a simple soup with pasta. Ditalini is tiny, but not teeny. A thimble of joy, easily spooned in hearty stews. Serve up Lemon Chicken Orzo soup to a happily crowded dinner table. Scoop up comfort, let’s dig in.

Ditalini is one of several soup pasta shapes in the Ronzoni pasta brand

Filling plates and making smiles since 1915

Ronzoni has pasta for all the shapes of life.