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twirling spaghetti onto a fork above a bowl of spaghetti and and meatballs.
Comfort Fuel

Spaghetti and Meatballs

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No Bake Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese disappearing from a serving bowl

Shape It Your Way

So many Ronzoni pasta shapes and styles to choose. For comfort. For creativity. For any occasion.

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Pasta for
All the Shapes of Life

America's Pasta Brand

For over 100 years, Ronzoni pasta has been in America’s melting pot, ready to fill the plates of people reaching for what they’ve always known and what they’ve yet to create. One-pot Mac and Cheese. Celebratory Cavatappi. Chilled Rotini Salads and warm Gemelli Alfredo. Veggie and whole grain and pasta with fiber – all fuel for the day. Through all of life’s moments, Ronzoni is there. We are America’s Pasta Brand.

Our Story

Saucy Boss

Elbows’ tubular, hollow shape fills up perfectly with thicker, gooier sauces.

Al Dente Delish

Thick edges on elbow macaroni keep it sturdy in al dente for a nicely firm bite.

Pasta Highlight



The curved shape of elbow pasta makes it easily scooped up or nabbed with a fork.

Smooth Moves

The smooth exterior of elbow macaroni makes it easy to spread sauces across.

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