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Delicate Capellini

Delicate, light, and oh-so delicious, Ronzoni Capellini is thin (but not the thinnest) pasta. Toss in light sauce, sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Twist in broths, mix with juicy red tomatoes. Capellini pasta recipes await your plate!

Cooking Directions



· Light, Lovely Capellini · Light, Lovely Capellini

Light, Lovely Capellini

Delicate Strings

Slightly thicker than Angel Hair yet finer than Spaghetti, Cappellini, meaning “little hair,” is distinguished by its delicate, cylindrical strands.

Delish in a Pinch

Due to its thinness, Cappellini cooks in just 3 minutes al dente.

diagrammatic drawing of capellini pasta

Dainty Delicacy

Dainty Capellini pairs with roasted garlic olive oil, shrimp sautés, thin creams and reds, or salty soups.

Plated Perfection 

Nest capellini pasta and garnish with herbs for a pic-worthy plate that needs no filters.  

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