The front view of a package of Ronzoni® Wide Egg Noodles
The back view of a package of Ronzoni® Wide Egg Noodles, including cooking instructions and nutritional information.

Oodles of Wide Egg Noodles

Ronzoni Wide Egg Noodles bring a versatile twist to so many pasta dishes. Not too broad. Not too thin. These spiral types of egg noodles serve up flavor and tasty texture in light broths or creamy comforts.

Cooking Directions



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Just Right Medium Shells

Versatile Twist

Spoons, forks, or sporks, versatile Wide Egg Noodles bring a twisty texture to every bite.

Pantry Staple

Medium, Wide, and Extra Wide Egg Noodles are the stock-up staple for simple and satisfying weeknight meals. 

diagrammatic drawing of wide egg noodles pasta

Casserole Queen

Soothing stroganoffs and tuna noodle casseroles — these curly egg noodles rule homestyle bakes. 

Rich & Saucy

Thin or hearty broths. Red or white sauce. Egg noodles add a welcoming flavor to soups and entrees.

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