front of ronzoni rotelle packaging
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3/4 view of ronzoni rotelle packaging

Spiraling Rotelle

Call it a spiral, a corkscrew, a curl. Ronzoni Rotelle’s the big twist—go on, give it a whirl! Rotelle plays it cool in chilled pasta salads and turns up the texture in baked pasta dishes. On fine china or paper plates, Rotelle pasta fits right at home.

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· Twisty, Turny Rotelle · Twisty, Turny Rotelle · Twisty, Turny Rotelle

Twisty, Turny Rotelle

Big Spin

Corkscrew-shaped Rotelle is a cousin to Rotini, but shorter and wider.

Flavorful Forkful

Twisty, twirly Rotelle spins up hearty ragus and velvety cream sauces—whatever your preference, Rotelle is at the ready. 

diagrammatic drawing of rotelle pasta

Pasta With a Twist

From chilled pasta salads to hearty oven bakes, Ronzoni Rotelle spirals are oh-so-fun to eat.

Savory Spirals

Rotelle noodles complements hearty stews and soups—every forkful brings satisfaction.

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