The front view of a package of Ronzoni® Medium Egg Noodles
The back view of a package of Ronzoni® Medium Egg Noodles, including cooking instructions and nutritional information.

Best Medium Egg Noodles

Ronzoni Medium Egg Noodles — slimmer than Wide and Extra Wide — add a thin twist to classic and kid-friendly dishes. Swirl up balanced bites of sauce and delightful texture in soups, comfy casseroles, and savory side dishes. The best egg noodles for oodles of yum!

Cooking Directions



· Swirl Up Medium Egg Noodles  · Swirl Up Medium Egg Noodles 

Just Right Medium Shells

Balanced Bite

Medium Egg Noodles’ narrow width balances texture and surface area for a just-right bite.

Pantry Staple

Medium, Wide, and Extra Wide Egg Noodles are the stock-up staple for simple and satisfying weeknight meals. 

diagrammatic drawing of medium egg noodles pasta

Casserole Queen

Soothing stroganoffs and tuna noodle casseroles — these curly egg noodles rule homestyle bakes. 

Rich & Saucy

Thin or hearty broths. Red or white sauce. Egg noodles add a welcoming flavor to soups and entrees.

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