front of ronzoni lasagna packaging
back of ronzoni lasagna packaging
3/4 view of ronzoni lasagna packaging
3/4 view of ronzoni lasagna packaging

Love That Lasagna

Ronzoni Lasagna--layers of creativity. Make-ahead bed of comfort. Lasagna’s wide, flat sheets of pasta are made for layering meat, veggies, sauce, and cheese into a timeless favorite enjoyed by family and friends gathered around the table.

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· Layers & Layers of Lasagna · Layers & Layers of Lasagna

Classic, Comforting, Cheerful Elbows

Sheets of Comfort

Wide, flat pasta sheets, Lasagna’s hallmark, are perfect for saucy, cheesy, meaty layers.

Reliable Ruffles 

Lasagna’s ruffled edges encase sauce so you can enjoy flavorful tastes with each bite.  

diagrammatic drawing of lasagna pasta

Make-Ahead Marvel 

Stash a lasagna casserole in your freezer and when life gets busy, you’ll have a delicious homecooked dinner in minutes.

Playful Recipe Twists 

A spin on the traditional, lasagna roll-ups bring classic lasagna flavors wrapped in saucy, cheesy bundles. 

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