4 Sunny-Day Picnic Pasta Salad Ideas

Swirly, twirly pasta salad on a picnic blanket next to other snacks, drinks and sauces.

The flowers, a colorful feast for the eyes. The sun, a warm hello. ‘Tis the season for picnics! Before you choose your picnic pasta salad, check out these four spins. A vibrant pesto dream. A cool twist on carbonara. A zesty Mediterranean medley. Pasta plus grilled street corn, an incredible combo. 

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Have herbaceous Rotini pesto picnic pasta

Pesto is the quintessential pairing for picnic pasta salads. Vibrant colors and bright flavors are made for savoring on a cozy blanket under a blue sky. Pair it with springy rotini pasta, bright and juicy cherry and yellow grape tomatoes, buttery Castelvetrano olives, and soft mozzarella pearls. A stunning garden in a bowl.

Ronzoni’s Rotini Pesto Pasta Salad, made with tomatoes, olives, and mozzarella pearls.

Pack the picnic basket with:

  • Rich tomato and basil bruschetta on baguette slices 
  • Savory antipasto charcuterie brimming with cured meats and hard cheeses 
  • Sparkling rosé
Give these other shapes a twirl in your pesto picnic pasta: 

Trio Italiano, Medium Shells, and Penne Rigate

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Cool it down with Carbonara Pasta Salad 

Little feet dancing across the grass, happy shrieks trailing. Picnic tables filled with as many flavors as family. An Americana reunion — the perfect setting for Carbonara Pasta Salad. A creamy concoction of chilled mayo and Parm cheese blended with spices, crispy bacon, hard-boiled eggs. Sprinkled peas and parsley. Pockets of medium shells pasta to hold it all.

Ronzoni’s Carbonara Pasta Salad with Shells and Peas, a lighter twist on a traditionally heavy dish

Wow the family with:

  • Golden-brown, crispy fried chicken 
  • Pulled pork sandwiches on Hawaiian bread
  • Strawberry-infused lemonade
Give these other shapes a twirl in your carbonara picnic pasta: 

Elbows, Rotini, and Large Shells

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Bring the zest with Mediterranean Veggie Salad

Where warm weather goes, romantic picnics follow. And the Mediterranean Veggie Salad is the perfect pasta salad for picnics with your special someone. It has zip and tang to match the mood of the moment. Olives, feta, and salami complement the shells, rotini, and penne rigate pasta — just like the two of you complement each other.

Ronzoni’s Mediterranean Vegetable Salad, made with our Trio Italiano pasta, salami, olives and more.

Wow the family with:

  • Spicy turkey burger patties 
  • Semi-sweet, crisp white wine
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries
Give these other shapes a twirl in your Mediterranean picnic pasta: 

Rigatoni, Rotelle, and Tricolor Penne

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Fire up the Grilled Mexican Street Corn Cavatappi

Charcoal? Check. Paper plates? Plenty. Forks? You’re going to need them. This picnic pasta salad is brimming with adventurous flavor. Creamy, crispy, tangy, and even a tad spicy. Packed with fire-roasted corn and earthy black beans, crunchy green onions, and citrusy cilantro, the Grilled Mexican Street Corn Cavatappi is a forkful of flavor.

Ronzoni’s Grilled Mexican Street Corn Cavatappi, a vegetarian-friendly grilled dish.

Pack the cooler with:

  • Seasoned chicken and red pepper kabobs
  • Classic cola 
  • Peanut-butter swirl brownies
Give these other shapes a twirl in your street corn picnic pasta:

Large Elbows, Creste di Gallo, and Large Shells.

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